Five tips for keeping a healthy diet

Before 2016 began, many of us resolved to lose weight by committing to a healthier lifestyle. But what does that really mean?

March is National Nutrition Month and this year’s theme is “Savor the Flavor.” Molly Gee, registered dietitian with Baylor College of Medicine, says you don’t necessarily have to compromise your favorite foods in order to achieve desired results.

“Losing weight is all about calories, portion control and physical activity, but it all comes down to your tastes and what makes you happy,” said Gee. “You have to ask yourself if you’ll be happy with the reduced fat or lower fat version of certain foods, or if you’ll be happy eating a smaller amount of a specific food.”

Gee suggests these five daily practices to help maintain a balanced diet:


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7 thoughts on “Five tips for keeping a healthy diet

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  2. Nice blog. This is a very good blog on health tips. I would like to thank

    you for all the information you give. Its really important to choose the

    best healthy tips to maintain your Fitness. So thenks for the information

    you give.

  3. Taking snacks after regular intervals is a healthy way to diet. Keep yourself starved for a long period of time would make you crave for food more vigorously.

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