Throwback Thursday: The X-ray life

Although the medical sciences are constantly evolving with the introduction of new research, many day-to-day practices have remained the same over several decades.

On the left, we have a photo of a Baylor student reviewing an X-ray. Notice her documentation practices and attention to detail.

Now flash forward to 1998. From the paper and pen in hand to the screen on the wall, the photo on the right is very similar to the photo taken in 1976. The glaring difference is that the 1998 students are in lab coats while the 1976 student is dressed casually. Definitely a sign of the times, right?

What are some of the similarities or differences you see? Share your observations in the comment section below.

Photos are from the Aesculapian Yearbook, courtesy of the Baylor College of Medicine Archives.

-By Nicole Blanton


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