Not your ordinary Cinco de Mayo feast

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a feast of Tex-Mex food and margaritas is a Texas tradition, but all that queso and sugary alcohol is heavy in fat and calories.

picoFor a healthier celebration, registered Baylor College of Medicine dietician Roberta Anding has some tips for a colorful and flavorful nacho recipe remix.

“Black or pinto beans are not only great sources of protein, but great sources of fiber as well,” Anding said. “Be bold! Try black bean, grilled corn, onion and pepper nachos topped with guacamole for a plant-based powerhouse of nutrition!”

More nacho ingredient swaps

  • Lower the calories in guacamole by mixing it with salsa.
  • Skip the meat and use grilled vegetables for the topping.
  • Use lots of colorful vegetables like diced tomato, green peppers, pineapples or mango salsa.
  • Use a low-fat or fat-free cheese.
  • Make sure to get low-fat tortilla chips, and be aware of the serving size. Look for baked chips or chips made with beans instead of corn.

Something to drink with your nachos? Be mindful of the calories found in alcoholic beverages. Instead of a frozen margarita with hundreds of calories, try our recipe for a skinny margarita.

-By Andy Phifer


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