In Case You Missed It: School spirit, organ transplants, staying safe in the summer

Summer has officially arrived, and so has the weekend! As always, we’ve gathered news and announcements that you may have missed from this past week.


Baylor College of Medicine Academy at Ryan select school colors, mascot

As the school year winds down, many kids can’t wait to focus on summer activities and delay thinking about the start of the following school year for a while. But incoming students to the new Baylor College of Medicine Academy at Ryan have next fall on their minds. They’ve recently chosen their school colors and mascots. See their school spirit on video for yourself, posted on the HISD blog, as they gather at a field trip to Space Center Houston, part of a summer camp to help the students ease into school and bond with each other.

Learn more about the new school in a Q&A with BCM’s Dr. Nancy Moreno.

See details about their summer camp program on the HISD blog.

10-year-old girl who received lung transplant improving

Recently, a 10-year-old girl from Philadelphia whose efforts to qualify for a lung transplant has made news and fueled debates over organ transplantation. This week, it seems Sarah Murnaghan’s condition is improving, after having a double-lung transplant.

Read an opinion piece by BCM’s Dr. John Goss in the Houston Chronicle about the organ-transplant process.

Read news from the Associated Press about Murnaghan’s current condition.

Staying safe in the summertime

Summer tends to bring a lot of good things, such as time spent outdoors, on vacations, and with family and friends. But summer also brings some not-so-great things, such as mosquitoes who may potentially be infected with West Nile Virus, and the start of hurricane season.

Learn more about West Nile Virus and how to prevent it.

Are you ready for hurricane season? Go through our checklist to make sure you’re prepared.

-By Jordan Magaziner


2 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It: School spirit, organ transplants, staying safe in the summer

  1. I would like some info on Baylor’s organ donation program if they have one. I also would like information on Baylor’s participation in the Dystonia Coalition Study.

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