Spotlighting BCM student accomplishments

Tomorrow evening, Baylor College of Medicine students will graduate and start the next chapter of their lives. Our students have had countless accomplishments during their time here and we know they have many more in their futures.

Carmelle Tsai at Match Day 2013

Carmelle Tsai at Match Day 2013

One student accomplishment that we’d like to spotlight here is soon-to-graduate Carmelle Tsai’s award-winning essay, which won first place in the Arnold P. Gold Foundation Essay Contest.

The prompt was to consider what it means to you and your patients to be a “steward of medicine.”

Here’s a sneak peek from her essay, “Yellow Hospital Socks,” on compassion in the field of medicine:

…As much as medicine gives physical healing, and the holding of hands and compassionate silence give emotional healing, it is part of my own healing to maintain that same humanity in the moments that patients neither see nor experience.

Read the rest of the winning essay on Wellness Rounds, Dr. Mary Brandt’s blog, and see details about the upcoming essay contest on the Arnold P. Gold Foundation’s website.

She matched in pediatrics at University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. Check out Match Day by the numbers to see what fields our students matched in.

We’re getting excited for graduation – don’t forget, the 2013 Baylor College of Medicine graduation takes place at 7 p.m., Tuesday, May 21. See the rest of the graduation details here.

-By Jordan Magaziner


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