Tips to soothe sinus infection symptoms

Soothing a sinus infection is simply a matter of knowing what tool to use to help relieve your symptom.

A sinus infection is a swelling or inflammation of the tissue lining the sinuses caused by a blockage of bacteria, viruses or fungi.

“Most of the time, sinus infections can be managed without antibiotics,” said Isabel Valdez, a physician assistant and instructor of family and community medicine at BCM.

With that in mind, follow these tips to help reduce the symptoms that come along with a sinus infection.


In addition, Valdez gave some general sinus infection advice:

• If you have a fever, do not go into work or school – you should be fever free for 24 hours.
• Rest is the best medicine. Let the virus run its course; if your body is run down it will take it longer to fight off the infection.
• To prevent sinus infections, wash your hands often and cover your cough and sneeze.
• Drinks lots of fluids!

Find out more information on how to help sinus symptoms.

-By Andy Phifer


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